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About SUM180

Everyone deserves a simple plan that gives them the financial advice they need - and can actually use. SUM180 is an online financial wellness service that is accessible and affordable for all.
Our management team. We are technology entrepreneurs, Wall Street veterans, and marketing specialists.
Our expertise. We partner with FinancialIndependence4Me, whose advisers are from the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, known for their high professional standards in serving their clients' interests.

How is SUM180 different?

We start where you are. Your Plan is personalized for you, whether you're just beginning, starting over, or well on your way.
It's simple. Your Plan starts with only your three most important Next Steps, making them easier to accomplish.
We don't educate. You get the information you need, without the details you don't.
We have a community, unfiltered, so you can explore and share.
We are independent and unbiased. We never receive payments from others based on our recommendations.


The FI4Me financial advisers

The FI4Me financial advisers are hand-picked from the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners, known for having the highest professional standards in the country and an unswerving commitment to serving their clients’ best interests. The FI4Me financial advisers are committed to empowering you and to supporting your unique priorities and goals.

Because we are not investment advisors we cannot offer specific investment advice or recommendations to individuals, and at no time should you infer that specific investment advice is being given.

Expert Advice

Three steps (Or: How to eat an elephant)

Few of us feel confident in every situation. No one is an expert at everything. And in most cases, not having all the answers all the time is no big deal. As we move through life, we come to appreciate our individual strengths, recognize our weaknesses, and depending on the situation, we either adjust our expectations, buckle down to learn an important new skill, or, if we have the option, we find someone – a team or partner – whose strengths complement our weaknesses, whatever those may be.

In the Community

Already thinking differently…

My favorite hobby is to try new restaurants. Eating out and exploring new restaurants is something I do frequently and my personal budget shows that. Fresh from completing my SUM180 profile and faced with the “where should we eat tonight?” question left me considering different alternatives. If we started to explore “off the beaten path” ethnic restaurants versus high priced downtown restaurants then I could pay down some credit card debt instead?



Fee-only advisers have no inherent conflicts of interest, they don’t accept fees or compensation based on product sales, and they generally provide more comprehensive advice. Many also carry professional designations which hold them to strict codes of professional and ethical conduct. Fee-only advisers can charge a one-time or ongoing fee, depending on the types of services they provide. The fees may be hourly, flat, or based upon a percentage of assets under management.