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  • How does Sum180 work?
    Take a sneak peek at the process.
  • How to prep for Sum180?
    It's all about gathering your documents beforehand.
  • What will I get in my Plan?
    Look inside a sample plan.
  • What if I have questions?
    There are lots of ways to get help when you need it.


The mobile app is a great place to start your Sum180 journey. On the app, you can use Kickstart to explore your goals, start a Budget, and get Tips.

When you’re ready to start your personalized Sum180 Plan, the website is there for you to enter your info easily. You’ll receive your Next Steps and clear explanations for getting them done.

As you take action, you can build momentum by tracking your progress against Next Steps on the app. You can also schedule a consultation with a financial adviser from the app if that’s part of your Sum180 subscription.
You can make a lot of progress by doing Kickstart, starting a Budget, and exploring Tips on mobile. Depending on your situation, this may be enough for now.

Eventually, you may feel ready for more. A Sum180 Plan will give you personalized, actionable advice focused on the most important Next Steps for your unique situation. You’ll also have access to coaching from our financial advisers.

After you subscribe to Sum180, we ask you to complete a detailed profile about your finances. We use this data to create projections that show how you can accomplish your financial goals. The more accurate and complete the data, the more focused your plan can be.
You can save your profile and return to it later. When you’re ready, log back in. You’ll be taken to a page where you can click to resume adding details to your profile.
Sum180 uses bank-level security to protect your information. Transmission of your personal and financial information while you complete your profile is encrypted, and areas of the Sum180 site where your information are stored (for example, the My Plans and My Account pages) are password protected. You will always know when you are in a private and secure session because this will be clearly indicated in the upper right corner of the page.
No, there are numerous recommended steps for meeting your financial goals that do not involve having money to invest.
The advice in the Sum180 Plan is based on the principles of the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (formerly the Alliance of Cambridge Advisers), founded in 1995 and known for having the highest professional standards in the country. Financial advisers we make available for consultation/coaching are Certified Financial Planners (CFP©) or the equivalent, with strong tax backgrounds, and full members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and are contracted to support Sum180’s financial planning services.

Your Sum180 Plan is designed to stand alone, but if you ever need additional financial planning advice from an unbiased financial expert, help is just a mouse click away. Sum180 provides access to selected financial advisers for additional consultation. Like your Sum180 plan, our financial advisers consider your whole picture -- your savings, debt, house, and other assets, so you have a complete understanding of your financial picture as you move towards your goals.

While most financial firms want to manage your money or sell you something, we don’t and neither do our financial advisers. The only thing we sell is financial planning advice.
The advice we give is based on The Cambridge System™ approach to financial planning, which takes a holistic approach and emphasizes the personal circumstances of individual clients when crafting financial advice. The Cambridge System™ uses innovative tools and decision-making rules that are very different from the standard process taught in the Certified Financial Planning (CFP©) training programs. In its investment advice, the Cambridge System ™ emphasizes functional asset allocation (a more realistic portfolio for most people) over modern portfolio theory (developed primarily for institutional investors). The Cambridge System™ methodology is predicated on providing fiduciary advice on a fee-only basis and is practiced by 160 CFPs across the US, with thousands of clients, in one-on-one, interactive relationships.

Fee-only advisers conduct their business under a “fiduciary duty,” which means, by law, they must have their clients’ best interests at heart. Fee-only advisers have no inherent conflicts of interest because they don’t accept fees or compensation based on product sales. Many also carry professional designations that hold them to strict codes of professional and ethical conduct.
This is an excellent question and one we are proud to answer. The artificial intelligence that generates your Sum180 plan is firmly grounded in The Cambridge System™ approach to financial planning. Our proprietary system was developed by a team of top financial and technology experts over a period of 6 years and has been thoroughly tested to ensure that the advice you receive aligns with what you would receive from an expert financial adviser in person. Nothing else like it exists online today.
For a glimpse inside a Sum180 Plan, watch this video
Or, download some Sample Plans here.
Once you complete your profile, you’ll have access to a Plan that includes your balance sheet and income/expense statement. However, the key to your success with Sum180 is to focus on just your three Next Steps at any given time. So, we identify those three Next Steps and give you the information and support you need to get them done. This uniquely streamlined approach is central to our philosophy at Sum180. We could identify many more future steps for you, but we truly believe that by focusing on just your three Next Steps, you will accomplish more, faster, and feel more confident immediately. Read more about “Why three steps?
You may never need the additional help, but if you do, our financial advisers are available to answer your questions. Your financial adviser will have access to all of the information you provide so that she can familiarize herself with your situation and goals before your consultation.

To request a consultation on Sum180.com, log in to your account and select “Consult an adviser” under “Learn” in the Dashboard menu. Follow the on-screen prompts from there.

To request a consultation on mobile, log in to the Sum180 app, then select “Schedule adviser session” and follow the prompts.
Sum180 customer service representatives provide technology support and help you access all of the features of Sum180.

A Sum180 financial coach, on the other hand, can answer questions about your Next Steps or other questions you have, and based on the details of your situation, can go into more depth than your Sum180 Plan. Just like your primary care physician, your Sum180 financial coach will study the details of your situation and give you advice that's customized for only you.

Because we are not investment advisors, we cannot offer specific investment advice or recommendations to individuals, and at no time should you infer that specific investment advice is being given.

Still not sure which kind of help you need? Contact us – we’ll help you figure it out.
After you complete your Next Steps, you may return to Sum180.com and complete a new profile. Your Next Steps will update automatically. A great feature about your Sum180 subscription is that you are allowed you to update your Plan as many times as you wish throughout the year. So, when you complete one or more of your Next Steps, or if your circumstances change, simply log back in and update your Plan. With Sum180, you have a Plan that evolves and grows with you over time. It all adds up!

Financial wellness: The basics

Financial wellness is what has traditionally been known as financial planning. It is the process of understanding your financial goals, learning when you will need to use your money and what you will be using it for, and then laying out a plan of action with specific steps you need to take to achieve those goals.
Our questions and recommended Next Steps will help assess where you are right now and help you begin to lay the groundwork for determining your financial goals. You can always ask your financial adviser to help you identify the right goals for you.
These Sample Plans will provide you a good sense of what kind of financial issues a Sum180 Plan will address. Such issues include, but are not limited to:
  • How much you need to save, including your emergency fund
  • What types of retirement accounts to use (IRA, ROTH, 401(k), etc.) and how much to be saving in your retirement accounts
  • What type of mortgage you should have
  • Whether it makes sense for you to pay off your house
  • What type and how much insurance you need (life insurance, long term care insurance, disability, and even property and casualty and health insurance)
  • What changes might improve your tax situation
  • How to pay off debt and improve your credit report and credit score
Because we are not investment advisors, however, we do not offer specific investment advice or recommendations to individuals, and at no time should you infer that specific investment advice is being given. The information we give you will help you work with bankers, insurance agents, accountants, and even your own investment advisers.
Many of us have been told by advertisements that we need an investment adviser (and this may be true for some), but many of us need something more holistic – something that looks at our whole picture, not just at the investments that we may or may not have. This is what financial planners offer. Some financial planners also offer investment advice.

Investment advice, on the other hand, is very different from financial planning. An investment advisor will tell you:
  • What to invest in
  • Whether to buy stocks or mutual funds
  • If you should use index funds or active fund managers
  • Which investments to use inside of your retirement accounts
  • What risks are associated with each investment
  • What expected rate of return you might receive from your portfolio
  • Which investments you should own in non-retirement accounts
  • What types of taxable income your investments will generate
  • How you can rearrange investments to reduce taxable income
  • What taxes you will incur when you buy or sell investments
To further clarify, Sum180 is a financial planning service. Because we are not investment advisors. we cannot and do not offer specific investment advice or recommendations to individuals, and at no time should clients infer that specific investment advice is being given.

Regarding My Account

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Sum180 is provided by sponsors to sponsored members in one-year periods. For one year, you will be able to access your account, view your Plans, and run new Plans. Renewals are managed by your sponsor.

Completing your profile

Yes. You can estimate income, expenses, or other info to get an idea of your financial picture and your most important Next Steps, so you can take action right away. Most people, however, then take the time to gather and enter their information in detail, for a fine-tuned Plan.
It depends on your situation. Many clients say completing their profile takes about 30-45 minutes. We promise, it will be worth it!
Absolutely. Sum180 uses bank-level security to protect the information you enter and the documents you upload while completing your profile. For more about how Sum180 protects your information,click here. It is always a good idea to mark out any personally identifying information on documents, such as account numbers or Social Security numbers.
Click the     button next to a particular question to learn more about it.
Your completing my profile will go much more quickly if you gather certain documents ahead of time. Click to see a list of the documents you need.
You will need to upload statements from your financial institutions that describe any securities you own, so that we can load these details into Sum180 for you. After you send us the statements, we will confirm via email that we have received your data, and then email you again when your Plan is ready.
No problem. Click save and exit – your profile will be ready for you to complete when you log back in.
Click  Help  and submit your question. We'll respond the next business day. During business hours (9 – 5 pm ET), please feel free to chat with us using the blue Support Online link at the right side of your screen.
To ensure you receive a personalized Plan with the best possible advice for your situation, our financial planning experts will review your information carefully, then contact you if we have any follow-up questions. We will let you know via email as soon as your Plan is ready - most clients receive their Plan within 5 business days of completing their profile and uploading their statements.


Fee-only advisers have no inherent conflicts of interest, they don’t accept fees or compensation based on product sales, and they generally provide more comprehensive advice. Many also carry professional designations which hold them to strict codes of professional and ethical conduct. Fee-only advisers can charge a one-time or ongoing fee, depending on the types of services they provide. The fees may be hourly, flat, or based upon a percentage of assets under management.

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Few of us feel confident in every situation. No one is an expert at everything. And in most cases, not having all the answers all the time is no big deal. As we move through life, we come to appreciate our individual strengths, recognize our weaknesses, and depending on the situation, we either adjust our expectations, buckle down to learn an important new skill, or, if we have the option, we find someone – a team or partner – whose strengths complement our weaknesses, whatever those may be.

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