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Our management team

Carla Dearing
Carla Dearing
Co-founder & CEO
Stephen Reily
Stephen Reily
Nancy DeFauw
Nancy DeFauw
Head of Product Development
& Client Operations
David Ron
David Ron
Chief Technology Officer
Cara Reynolds
Cara Reynolds
Director, Communicatons
Chris McGarvey
Chris McGarvey
Adviser, Client Engagement
Kristine Mullen
Kristine Mullen
Advisory Board Member
Jody Lyons
Jodie Lyons
Manager, Social Media
Mike Bellissimo
Mike Bellissimo
Advisory Board Member
Chris has 15 years of experience in human resources with major corporations such as Walt Disney, Papa John’s, AEGON, and Yum! Brands, mostly in the learning and development segment of human resources, where she focused on behavioral change. Most recently, Chris applied her skills and experience in behavioral change as leader of global wellness for Yum! Brands.

Chris has a BA in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia and a MS in Human Resource Development from the University of Louisville.

"My passion is helping each person become his or her best self. I love watching the lightbulb go off and self-confidence skyrocket. That’s why I’m so impressed with SUM180’s highly personalized plans and focus on each individual’s accomplishments. The SUM180 approach is so empowering!"
Mike has held senior leadership positions focused on sales, marketing, service and operations at such diverse companies as Apple, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

Most recently, Mike served as the SVP for Group Operations at Humana where he led the B2C and B2B teams supporting over 10m members and 100k customers. In addition, Mike serves as an advisor to Zipari (a healthcare CRM company) and Atlas of Caregiving (a philanthropy serving those who serve others) while also serving as Vice Chair of the Louisville Urban League.

Mike has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Northeastern University.

"With employee financial stress at record levels nationwide, it's clear that a truly comprehensive corporate wellness program must address financial wellness, in addition to physical and mental wellness. SUM180's powerfully simple approach to financial wellness has the potential to be a game changer - by allowing employees to feel both safe to engage and empowered to act."
Jodie’s focus on the SUM180 team is developing and executing integrated and strategic social media experiences designed to build the SUM180 community. With a strong creative background in graphic design and video production, she also ideates and creates visually compelling content for use on social platforms.

Prior to joining SUM180, Jodie worked in public relations for MSLGROUP in Chicago and TogoRun in London.

Jodie graduated magna cum laude from DePaul University with a B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising.

"Every piece of content I create at SUM180 is made with the intention of helping people - I love that! Helping people gain clarity about their finances and make a change in their lives is incredibly rewarding."
As Co-founder and CEO of SUM180, Carla leads a team of financial experts, marketers and technologists who are rethinking financial planning services from the ground up. Carla started her career at Morgan Stanley & Co. in financial analysis and new product development, in the company’s New York, London and Geneva offices. She then co-founded a financial advisory and fund administration firm that was acquired by a Boston bank now owned by State Street Bank.

Carla was the founding CEO of Community Foundations of America, Inc., involving 115 community foundations nationwide. She also served as a senior administrator in the university health care industry focusing on strategy development and execution. She serves as CEO of IMC, SUM180’s major investor.

Carla graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in economics and political science, and she holds an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago.

“Starting my career at Morgan Stanley gave me a deep grounding in finance, a discipline I've loved ever since. Now, at SUM180, we've developed a service that finally gets right many of the issues that, for too long, the industry has gotten wrong. I feel like I was training for this my whole life”
SUM180 Founder Stephen Reily lives to find marketplace gaps and opportunities for new consumer offerings. In 1998 he brought his legal background together with a passion for consumer marketing when he founded IMC Licensing, an agency that has developed new product strategies – and new products – for global companies like Kraft Foods, AT&T, S.C. Johnson, L’Oréal, Hilton and hundreds of other iconic brands. Frustrated with his own clients’ refusal to invest in some of their most profitable and loyal consumers (women 35+), Stephen launched a new product offering himself: Vibrant Nation, a digital agency and this vibrant demographic’s leading network of influencers. Listening to consumers complain about the financial advice industry led Stephen to create SUM180.

Stephen graduated from Yale College, summa cum laude, and from Stanford Law School, after which he clerked for Justice John Paul Stevens of the U.S. Supreme Court. He and his wife, historian Emily Bingham, have three children.

“To truly serve customers, the first thing we need to do is listen. Fortunately, social and digital media have given us better tools than ever to engage consumers directly, as partners. At SUM180, we put client feedback at the center of every aspect of our process - from strategy to product to marketing. Our abiding respect for each individual client has shaped SUM180 at every level.”
Nancy has 20 years of experience developing successful growth strategies for a broad range of clients across multiple sectors, including Discover Card, Allstate, DIRECTV, and the Cisco Foundation. Prior to joining SUM180, Nancy led operations and client services at Analytic Innovations, a company specializing in predictive modeling and customer behavior analytics. At Krumm & Associates, Nancy handled analysis and client services in support of customer marketing for Fortune 500 companies.

Nancy has spent her career as an “interpreter,” breaking down and organizing information from customers and the marketplace in a way that gets business and technically trained teams working together to design and launch new, better solutions. She also specializes in applying strategic leadership and analysis to bring ideas to fruition. For instance, as Senior Director of Research and Strategy at IMC, Nancy has brought market research and consumer insights to an understanding of clients’ brands, products, channels, and consumers, developing strategies that stretch them in new, revenue-producing ways.

Nancy graduated summa cum laude from Knox College, in Galesburg, Illinois, with dual degrees in economics and history. While at Knox she was elected into Phi Beta Kappa and published original research in her majors.

“I'm passionate about designing simple, elegant solutions to complex challenges. I love that SUM180 took on a really complex challenge with a totally fresh approach - one that put clients at the center of the discussion!”
Cara has been a writer and editor for such innovative media companies as Lucasfilm, Creative Publications, Classroom Connect, and CNET (now CBS Interactive).

Before joining SUM180 as its Director of Communications, Cara was Editor of VibrantNation.com, where she worked closely with the largest online community of women age 45+ to identify what this influential demographic needs and wants, across the full range of topics unique to this life stage. She was also Director of Communications for the marketing agency IMC, Vibrant Nation’s parent company, designing influencer marketing campaigns to enable brands and marketers to reach and engage this powerful purchasing demographic.

Cara received her M.A. in English from the University of California at Irvine and her B.A. from the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines.

“I'm excited about SUM180 because we collaborated with our clients to build something completely new, that now has the potential to make a meaningful difference in many lives. I'll be doing my best to continue channeling our community's ideas into a service that gets even simpler to use and more responsive over time.”
Kristine is an execution-focused leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and a bent toward product, innovation and strategy. She aims always to make an impact both inside and outside an organization, and is fascinated by how changes in infrastructure and incentives can align goals and change behavior.

Kristine has over 12 years of professional experience at Humana, where she currently serves as Humana’s Vice President of Wellness Strategies and Solutions. Kristine’s areas of special interest include: business plan development, competitive analysis, customer relations, innovation, insurance, leadership, management, positioning, sales, and strategy.

Kristine has a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Health and Health Care Administration/Management from Ohio University.

“I find working with purpose-driven, socially and environmentally conscious organizations exciting and rewarding. SUM180’s mission to make financial health truly accessible to everyone addresses an important gap in employees’ overall wellbeing. SUM180 is service that can make a real, positive difference how real people deal with their money.”
To his role as SUM180’s Chief Technology Officer, David brings over 20 years of experience in global management and technology services, including ten years as partner at the Fortune 500 company Accenture, a global professional services provider of strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations services.

At every step of his career. David has demonstrated his passion for using technology to build innovative business solutions: as associate partner at AKT, a leading provider of HR consulting, technology and services, specializing in solutions to human capital management challenges; as partner at Plan & Act, a company that provides independent money management service to consumers; as advisory board member at Cellesense Technologies Ltd.; and as owner of AdviceOverWeb, a company that provides accessible, affordable personal financial advice over the Internet.

David graduated from Tel Aviv University in Israel and received his MBA from Drexel University’s College of Business and Administration, in Philadelphia.

“In my 20 years in global management and technology services, from Accenture to the smallest startups, I've been using technology to make complex and often very expensive services accessible to everyone who needs them. My challenge with SUM180 was to build a system intelligent enough to deliver financial advice for every client's situation - while still being cost-effective and simple to use. I love a good challenge!”