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Fee-only advisers have no inherent conflicts of interest, they don’t accept fees or compensation based on product sales, and they generally provide more comprehensive advice. Many also carry professional designations which hold them to strict codes of professional and ethical conduct. Fee-only advisers can charge a one-time or ongoing fee, depending on the types of services they provide. The fees may be hourly, flat, or based upon a percentage of assets under management.

You can trust

Every Sum180 financial adviser is committed to empowering you and to supporting your unique priorities and goals. Our advisers were hand-picked from the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners (formally Alliance of Cambridge Advisers) – known for having the highest professional standards in the country. They are Certified Financial Planners (CFP©) or the equivalent, with strong tax backgrounds, and full members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). Most importantly, our fee-only advisers make money only by serving your best interests – we do not accept money from any company based on the advice we give you.
The below are individual plans for purchase. Please note that Adviser Consultation is only available if you have a Subscription and have completed your Plan. If you have an employer code please select Sign Up and click "Subscription from my employer".


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Additional consultation available at $99/half hour

*only available as an add-on to subscription

Services FAQ

Sum180 is available both to individuals and to employees whose employers contract with us to provide financial wellness services as a company benefit. If your employer does not provide Sum180 to you as a benefit, you may sign up for Sum180 as an individual. The same services will be available to you, at the rates shown on this page.
The main difference is that an employee subscription is employer-sponsored, while an individual pays for his or her own subscription. Employers decide the exact services to include in their Sum180 company benefit, while individuals may choose the Sum180 services they want for themselves.
No. You may run a new Plan as many times as you want and get a new Plan each time– it’s all included with your subscription fee.

Sum180 customer service representatives can help you get started, help you complete your profile, and help you get your Sum180 Plan. We’re here to help you get the most out of Sum180.

A Sum180 financial adviser, on the other hand, gives you customized financial planning advice, can answer questions about your Next Steps or other questions you have, and based on the details of your situation, can go into more depth than your Sum180 Plan. Just like your primary care physician, your Sum180 financial adviser will study the details of your situation and give you advice that's customized for only you.

Because we are not investment advisors, we cannot offer specific investment advice or recommendations to individuals, and at no time should you infer that specific investment advice is being given.

Still not sure which kind of help you need?  Contact us – we’ll help you figure it out.

Consultation with a Sum180 financial adviser is available to subscribers who have completed a Plan.

After you purchase consultation time, that time will be available for you to use any time throughout the year. To schedule a consultation on Sum180.com, log in to your account and select “Consult an adviser” under “Learn” in the Dashboard menu. Follow the onscreen prompts to select an available appointment that’s convenience for you. To schedule a consultation on mobile, log in to the Sum180 app, then select “Schedule adviser session” and follow the prompts.

Your consultation time balance appears on your Account page. As you use your time or purchase additional time, the balance will automatically update.

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Three steps (Or: How to eat an elephant)

Few of us feel confident in every situation. No one is an expert at everything. And in most cases, not having all the answers all the time is no big deal. As we move through life, we come to appreciate our individual strengths, recognize our weaknesses, and depending on the situation, we either adjust our expectations, buckle down to learn an important new skill, or, if we have the option, we find someone – a team or partner – whose strengths complement our weaknesses, whatever those may be.

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Already thinking differently…

My favorite hobby is to try new restaurants. Eating out and exploring new restaurants is something I do frequently and my personal budget shows that. Fresh from completing my Sum180 profile and faced with the “where should we eat tonight?” question left me considering different alternatives. If we started to explore “off the beaten path” ethnic restaurants versus high priced downtown restaurants then I could pay down some credit card debt instead?